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A journal of my attempts to make a sourdough starter, make sourdough, other breads, etc.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Falling Down

Well, I've been rather falling down on my duties for a while. I lack pictures for most of what has transpired since the last post. The few I do have, I will post soon. I think I have a new starter since the last post, can't remember for sure. However, whether it is new or not, it is established now.

It can double itself fairly quickly. It provided most of the rise for a loaf of bread. It smells quite nice, slightly fruity and sour. And it now resides in the fridge where it can go some time without feeding. Soon I will make my first real loaf, and with no commercial yeast (I hope).

Hopefully I can be better about updates in the future, we shall see.


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